About Me

I am struggling to make a beautiful paragraph out of everything that depicts me..so I am going to share with you a list instead:

  • I am a 4th grade teacher in Phoenix, Arizona with 4 years of teaching experience.
  • I have taught 5th grade and Music previously.
  • I love to sing and dance, usually together.
  • I enjoy baking, then eating the baking I did.
  • Dogs are my favorite beings next to humans. Especially my two.
    • Thor and Loki, which you’ll hear much about in my posts.
  • I have a significant other, he shall remain nameless to appear mysterious. I adore him. #hearts #yesheisreal
  • I enjoy bright colors and any shade of green to be honest.
  • Science used to be my worst subject, now it’s my favorite.
  • I can and will eat BOWLS of spaghetti.
  • Coffee is basically my blood. I drink it black.
  • 10 pm is usually my bed time. (During School)
  • My favorite animal is a giraffe and I’m slowly but surely starting a collection.
  • I’m turning in to my mother…(don’t we all turn in to our parents?)
  • And finally I’m an avid Netflix binge enthusiast.