Happy 4th of July!

Hello Everyone and Happy 4th of July!!! Put your hands in the air if your a teacher and you’re finally relaxing because someone made you….

Okay that was a long one. But hey at least you’re enjoying yourself today right?!

Holidays are always a funny situation for me as I don’t really have family in town. I do live about 20 minutes away from a “distant” cousin and their family. They are totally fun to hang out with, especially during some of our holiday celebrations. However, this holiday they are visiting my home town (it’s theirs too) and aren’t here! So what am I doing you may ask….? Well not a lot. I can say I’ve watched at LEAST a season of “The Office”.

No judging here.

So, what I’m really getting at here is what do teachers (people) from out of state, town, etc do when the holidays come around? I realized I’ve definitely been able to let go of the idea that every holiday NEEDS to include family. Not that my family isn’t important, they TOTALLY are. I already called my parents y’all and told them of my love for them and hope they enjoy their day. But, when it comes to holidays I’ve realized that it doesn’t always include your close family.

I would love to be  having a BBQ with all my extended family at a lake cabin sipping on an adult beverage that rhymes with “largarita”, s’mores and some good ol’ swimming. But, today went a little differently. I definitely plan on eating burgers and hot-dogs later along with some very American potato salad (whatever that entails). More importantly I should mention that I’m very much so enjoying myself! There is no prepping or planning for said BBQ or parties…There is no “Do we have enough cheese?”; “What do you mean you didn’t buy propane for the grill?” and even the famous, “Wait, how many people want burgers and how many people want hot-dogs?” Probably the most recounted tally ever.

I’m enjoying my day and couldn’t be happier! I’ll even be looking in the sky for some fireworks later if I’m still awake.

Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July Everyone!

Bossy Boles


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